Before contact Rowwin


Before contact Rowwin - Before Contact ROWWIN


Before you contact Rowwin Service, please prepare the following.It should be more helpful for us to give you our best service.

1. A detailed description of the problem 

2. The serial number of your test set 

3. The installed version (& language) of the ROWWIN software on your PC

4. Information about your PC: manufacturer, type, memory, operating system(& language), security programs like firewalls and anti-virus software 

5. Your contact details so we can get back to you: name, company name, phone number, e-mail address.

Ideally, send us an e-mail including screenshots of the relevant status and error messages, as well as a Communication Log File and a Hardware Check File. Refer to the section “Log Files” for more information.

When you call us, please have your PC and test set available and be prepared to repeat the steps that led to the unexpected behaviour.

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