ROWWIN's Team Work


Rowwin's Team Work - ROWWIN's Team Work

ROWWIN's working practices encourage team-working and open communication.

There is an atmosphere of mutual co-operation where people are keen to offer their ideas,
thoughts and opinions.
In this way ROWWIN have created a motivating and exciting environment in which to develop our innovative products and service.
A limited hierarchical structure ensures that everyone’s contributions are equally valued.
Together we have created a unique environment within which we all behave in a positive, sincere and fair manner.

At ROWWIN we share a vision towards which we all work.
We believe that only by striving for what seems impossible can we truly achieve excellence.
In the third decade of our existence we look ahead with a very clear mission.
ROWWIN provide customers with the best solutions to save time and money in testing and maintaining their electrical power system equipment..
Our aim is to have customers in every electrical power system in the world using and relying on ROWWIN products and/or services.
ROWWIN wish to be identified as the globally recognized supplier of choice in testing field.
By dedicating part of the company profits to charitable projects we hope, in some small way, that ROWWIN can help to change the world for the better.

We know that in order to fulfill such high expectations we must continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations – this is ROWWIN'S goal.


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