Protective Relay Test


Power Industry Test - Power Industry Test

ROWWIN is a high-tech enterprise and a Professional manufacturer in R&D, production and sales of power system test equipments with the computer-based relay protection test system and its corresponding equipments as our core products.

With the science and technology superiority of famous universities such as China Jiliang University, North China Electric Power University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and South China University of Technology and the strong supports from domestic main protection manufacturers, ROWWIN has been introducing new products and continuously providing broad users with generations of national brand products in the power system testing field with landmark.

Computer-based relay protection test systems can test and debug devices and components in Professional fields such as relay-protection, excitation, meter and fault recorder, and is widely used in scientific researches and electrical testing sites in electric power, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, military and aviation industries.

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